Why Aswinx?

Aswinx is a company that is loyal, savvy, and modern. We believe our customers should be given the highest quality products.

We chose to use our time and energy creating designer ring covers because when protecting your ring your cover can still be fashionable, modern, and fun.

Our signature “transparent” covers allow you to see your amazing ring while protecting your investment. There is no reason to EVER have a dirty, damaged, or lost ring!  We believe that a ring and a ring cover go hand in hand. So when you buy a ring , you buy an Aswinx!  Investing in an Aswinx cover means the days of using harsh chemical  jewelry cleaners, wasting money on re-dipping fees, and replacing stones are over!

As a company we will continue to grow and improve ALL of our products for you! Our team will value and earn your trust and loyalty. We are eager to get to know you and help you to protect your investment.

Passionately speaking, there is a big problem with dirty, damaged, and lost rings. Aswinx is the awesomely simple solution.


So, we’re Marlo and Blain, owners of Aswinx Designer Ring Covers, and this is how we got here!

Well, even before I lost my ring (YES you heard me right, I LOST my ring!) we had issues with keeping it clean. Blain was often annoyed with how grimy and dull my ring was from soap and lotion. He would say, before we would head out for work, dinner, or just to hang out, “Marlo, you need to give me that ring so I can clean it already.”

I would say, “I know it’s dirty, but I don’t wanna keep taking it off. I might lose or misplace it…again.” This conversation was pretty much routine over the years.

And sure enough, a few years ago, I lost my ring!
It was bound to happen. It was a hectic week, I was super busy and crazed at work, and my family life was chaotic… I scheduled way too many things to do.

I was in the bathroom, at the end of the day, and I recall taking off my ring so it wouldn’t get dirty. I didn’t even think about it again until I got home. By then it was too late. I had lost my ring! I’m still not sure exactly where I lost it. Maybe I threw it away in a paper towel or left it right there on the sink. But, it was GONE. GONE for good!

As you can imagine, there were many months of crying and arguing, with Blain and I blaming each other.

Finally, I got a new ring along with some new rules. Don’t take it off and Don’t keep it dirty!

Here comes the problem.

I tried, and tried, and tried to find a cover to protect my ring…I couldn’t. So after a while I got fed up and invented a ring cover. I decided to make it designer so it would be stylish, practical, and awesomely simple!

Marlo and Blain

Aswinx’s would like to thank Ariel Foreman Photography for the product photography.